Youth Ambassador Program

african american familyOur Youth Ambassador programs include children ages 6 years old to ages 17 years old. The program is designed to equip youth with the necessary tools to make a significant impact around the community and world. Our goal consists of providing personal and professional development for young people that can impact our community.

Here is a list of some of our professional development classes:

Evidence Based Programs:

What is All Stars?
The central program in the All Stars series is called All Stars Core. In All Stars Core, students identify positive ideals and future aspirations. They participate in games and discussions that establish positive peer group norms. Students commit to personal standards of behavior and peer pressure to engage in risky behavior disappears. All Stars Core promotes bonding with family, school and community. It encourages parents and kids to talk about aspirations and commitments. All Stars Core is designed to be delivered when students are between 11 and 13 years old (sixth or seventh grade). There are thirteen highly interactive 45-minute sessions. (Optional lessons are also available.) Weekly or twice weekly delivery of lessons is recommended. All Stars Core prevents alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, and reduces bullying and fighting by:

  • Building idealism and a belief in the future
  • Establishing positive norms
  • Establishing personal commitments to avoid risky behaviors
  • Promoting bonding to school or the group Promoting positive parental attentiveness.

What are the benefits of All Stars?
The primary goal is to prevent youth from engaging in behaviors that will put their health and well being at risk. All Stars is also designed to deter the onset of commonly used substances and reduce risky behaviors including:

  • Alcohol use and misuse, including drunkenness
  • Tobacco use, including smoking and smokeless tobacco use
  • Marijuana use
  • Inhalant use
  • Bullying and using violence to solve interpersonal problems

“Kick Tobacco Out”
“Kick Tobacco Out “ was developed by one of our Youth Ambassadors (Maurice Thompson) due to the increasing number of youth using tobacco in the state of Maryland. The goal of the program consists of educating youth and young adults about the harmful affects of tobacco and other harmful drugs in the State of Maryland. According to the “CDC the percentage of youth who currently use tobacco (i.e., cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and/or cigars) was 17.9% in 2011. The range across 36 states was 7.8% to 31.9%. Maryland ranked 4th among 36 states.” With programs like “Kick Tobacco Out” the community can assist with lowering these numbers by educating the community through outreach programs. The program has targeted youth ages 6-18.